TalkingHow To Talk To People About Network Marketing

Not everyone is the same, therefore you can’t talk to them all the same way.

Analyzing personality types can get overly complicated, and once you learn all 16 (well, depending on which list of types you go by) how are you supposed to apply it to Network Marketing?

Let’s make it more simple just be looking at why people join Network Marketing but breaking it down into 4 categories of what motivates people.

1. Helping Hands ~ There’s a huge reward in helping others. Helping others brings good feelings to the giver and the receiver of the good deeds. Network Marketing is an opportunity to use your gifts to help others. This in turn boosts self esteem for making others’ lives better. In turn making the whole world a better place. :)

2. Funtastic! ~ Truly enjoying what you do for ‘work’ is something that is felt by less than 13% of the entire population. Most people hate what they do for a job and want to get out of it and have fun. Surprising to some, Network Marketing is a place to release your artistic and creative energy. It’s a venue to express your individuality and have fun doing it!

3. Shake Your Money Maker ~ Money is a HUGE motivator. In fact, money can actually be a means to obtain the first two. In order to have a hobby that is fun you need money to purchase equipment or to get to where you have your fun. To donate to bigger charities and organizations you need the funds. To do anything in life you need money. It’s just the way it works. I would go so far to say that this is the main reason people get into Network Marketing. Not necessarily to have hoards of money, but because of what money can do as a tool.

4. The Vision Thing ~ Without It You’ll Never Be A World Class Organization. This is actually the title of an article co written by Ken Blanchard. Aligning yourself with a clear and compelling vision of the future puts you in a position to focus your energy towards a defined target. You see the bigger picture. You are part of something that is bigger than yourself and you are leaving your impression, your mark, on something that is awesome. You strive to have an accomplishment or overcome a challenge and be able to say “I did that!”

Reading these quick descriptions you should be able to pick out which of these types you are. (If you’ve followed me much or read some of my other tabs I’m sure you can tell which one I am too.) But most importantly you now know what motivates the different types of people that get into Network Marketing.

With this information you can now appeal to those types of people. It’s very difficult to appeal to everyone all at once. You end up looking like you have none of your own desires or motivations because you are all over the place trying to please everyone all at once.

I’m going to break it down for the Network Marketing beginner:

1. Recognize which category you are in for motivation. Don’t be afraid to show it. Because there are others out there that are motivated by the same category.

2. Talking with these types of people will be easier for you because you can relate to them. You will be able to build a connection with them faster. You will naturally attract people that are more like you.

3. You will occasionally draw people to you that are motivated by the other categories. This is your opportunity to learn. Everytime you come in contact with someone new your first goal is to get to know them. Get on the phone with them as soon as possible. Ask questions. Find out why they were first interested in Network Marketing. The answer is going to give you clues as to what motivates them. Once you know what motivates someone, that’s what you talk about more.

Example: If you are motivated by having fun and winning vacations in the company and are speaking to someone motivated by helping others you need to be able to speak more about team building and empowering others and paying it forward by coaching people and helping them to develop as entrepreneurs and discover their own dreams.

It takes practice to be able to do this easily. And that’s ok. Don’t worry about doing it right every time you talk to someone. Not everyone is going to connect with you, not everyone is even going to want to join your opportunity (I know, crazy, but some people just don’t think your company is the best). Some will, some won’t, so what.

The more practice you have the better you will get. Don’t worry about doing it right, worry about doing it more often.

For the more seasoned and advanced marketer that can pick out what motivates, and knows how to appeal to each motivating factor, the tricky part for you is being able to invoke emotions from an audience. To be able to throughout a presentation shift motivators and emphasize on those that are getting people to lean forward in their seats.

The biggest challenge? Appealing to all four via an internet presentation on a webinar where there is no way to judge reactions (unless you say something to make them angry and then you will either see people dropping out, or nasty little messages showing up in the question box).

No matter where you are in your learning process, understanding what motivates people will be a vital asset to your Network Marketing knowledge. If you don’t care what interests other people, then they aren’t going to care what you have to say.

Go out, connect with people, learn about them, build relationships and become a successful Network Marketer.
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stephanie deneke

Stephanie Deneke