Give In Order To Get… How To Balance The Scales

I know that this post is going to get 1 of 2 reactions.  It’s either going to pump you up, or you are going to be offended and say that I’m full of BS.

balance scalesHere’s the deal… the ratio of what you GIVE to the world,,, is NOT equally returned to you.

If you put out a “good” effort,,, you will NOT receive a “good” result.

That is not how it works.

If you want a “good” life, you need to put out a “great” effort.

A “good” effort is going to get you “poor” results, which equals out to a “poor” life.

What if you want an excellent life?

Then you better be willing to give an OUTSTANDING performance to the world and contribute something really special to society.

And there’s one final catch…. don’t expect anything in return.

You want an excellent loving relationship?

Then you need to give OUTSTANDING love, OUTSTANDING attention, OUTSTANDING support, OUTSTANDING appreciation, OUTSTANDING praise in order to receive it.  And you MUST do it without any conditions or expectations.

Here is another great post on why you must Give In Order to Receive

Watch this video below and see the Give:Receive ratio laid out a little more clearly.

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stephanie deneke

Stephanie Deneke