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An Elf With A Vision And A Very Cold Thumb

believeAn Elf With A Vision And A Very Cold Thumb

Once upon a time in a very cold land there was an Adventurous Elf name Gregory. Gregory was a very odd kind of Elf. Gregory did not believe in working at a 9 to 5 job and thought that people had too short of a lease on life to be working for someone else.

koolaidAston Martins, E-Meters & Yoga: Finding True Happiness (Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid)

Lately I’ve been just pointing out things that piss me off in the world of internet marketing, MLM, or just life in general. I’ve been speaking up against stupidity, hype and flat out lies people tell.

Pick A CardThe Jack Of All Trades Marketer: What ISN’T He Selling?

You know “that guy”.

Oh ReallyHow I Sponsored 62 Bazillion Reps And Made Big Butt Bucks Off Of Millions Of Leads In 5 Minutes A Day

Yeah, Right.

Massive TrafficAttracting Massive Traffic To Your Sites Is Hurting Your Network Marketing Business

What the hell? How can lots of traffic hurt your business?

Article Marketing LeadsDoes Anyone Ever Generate Leads With Article Marketing?

This is an actual conversation, this conversation was not recorded, however it is written here in as close to it’s original content as best I can remember.

Paint by NumberMLM Success: A Paint By Numbers Story On The Power Of Network Marketing

Ever have anyone in your upline tell you that you just need to “work through the numbers”? And then you ask yourself “What the heck does that mean anyway”?

traffic generationTraffic Generation is NOT Lead Generation

Driving traffic to your website, such as your blog, Facebook fanpage, capture page, sandwich page,,, etc is USELESS if you don’t understand the art and science of sales and marketing. You have to know what to do with the traffic you generate.

Not Listening There’s No “Yeahbutts” Here: Get Over Your Excuses, I’m Not Listening Anyway

I feel the need to address something,,,

Anything you say that starts with

What Are You Going To Do About MLM Retention?

confusionWhat Are You Going To Do About MLM Retention?

Notice I said what are YOU going to do about retention. I did not say what is your sponsor going to do about retention.

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