HI, this is Stephanie Deneke. You probably came across my blog either from one of my posts on Social Media, from a Google Search or even perhaps from your mobile phone. Chances are you found it because you’re looking for ways to make money online, and still have a life while doing it.

What I do is help network marketers discover the online marketing method that is best for them so they can spend less time on the phone and more time doing what they really like to do. I know that when I got started in network marketing it was because I wanted a life of freedom, and what I didn’t want to be tied to the phone all day.

If you like the idea of working less hours and reducing your time on the phone, while growing your income daily, then I am definitely happy to help you.

Why is my help valuable?

Here is my story…

I discovered Network Marketing by accident. (Even though I grew up in Michigan which is the home of Amway). I had family that were in MLM when I was younger, but I didn’t realize what it was or understand it until my late 20’s

In 2008 I was sitting on top of the world. My daughter was 1 year old, I had just bought my house, I had a brand new vehicle every other year and was working in management at a car dealership. I was still in Michigan at the time, and it was the time of the auto industry’s crash. Our dealership was closed and I was without a job.

The house was the first to go, then eventually my bright red truck, and finally, the money ran out. I was in trouble. One year later in 2009 I was desperate for some help. I was living with a friend in spare room with no heat (yeah, in Michigan, it was freeeeezing) and even though I was job searching, it was going no where, even if I could find a job in the highest unemployed state, how was I going to get there without a car?

I ended up on the internet searching for a job I could work from home. What I found turned out to be the most surprising change in my life.

What Happened?

Everyone likes to know “How did you become an overnight success?” Well, I didn’t. It took me 3 years before I was an overnight success. So technically, I never was an overnight success and never will be.
From 2009-2011 I did a lot of stupid things to try and build a business.

Here’s a short list of what I did, this could also be labeled “What Not To Do”

1. Posted free ads online under “jobs” – found out quickly that people don’t like being baited and then switched.
2. Hotel meetings – I don’t even know why there was a hotel in the town of 2,700 people that I lived in.
3. Cold Called Realtors – I got good on the phone, but started feeling bad for the Realtors that just wanted to sell a house, not buy a business.
4. Posted Flyers, PostIt Notes & Biz Cards – Got a few calls from people telling me to stop littering the voicemail from the local PD finally made me stop.
5. Posted quotes with a link on Twitter – I realized this was just a desperate attempt at getting something to go viral and catch on and hoped that people would blindly click a link and miraculously buy something.

The first 4 taught me that I really didn’t like offline marketing and that I didn’t like trying to chase down prospects. I never did any of that again.

Number 5 was the one that lead me to researching how to actually market online. I had started a blog in 2009 and knew a lot about how to create a blog and that it could generate leads and sales. I was skeptical of it though since the “sponsor” that got me setup with a blog also told me I needed to create 3 more in order to make money online. Managing one was enough.

I tore into building that blog in my spare time and in 2011 I discovered just how valuable that knowledge really was. I started an online consulting business that setup blogs, provided training, and also managed some blogs and this quickly turned into a $6k per month business.

From there it grew even bigger and resulted in days when I made over $6k.

That’s right. I turned a $6,000 per month business into a $6,000 in one day business.

All because of blogs.

Blogging has become the central focus of my online business in 3 critical ways.

1. Blog Setup and Instruction
2. Business Consulting
3. Future Of Blogging

Whatever business you are building you can turn it into a profitable online business using a blog as your store front and central hub for your customers and team to connect with you and purchase your products. Any one of these, or all 3, are things I can help you with and I have been helping others with for quite some time now. Click on any of the 3 above to learn more or work with me personally.

Wherever you are going in business and in life, you can succeed. Every person has the ability to take control at this very moment, grab it within their hands and turn it into the vision they have for their life. I wish you the greatest abundance and success in whatever you do.

stephanie deneke

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Stephanie Deneke has been working with marketers, individuals as well as companies, for well over 3 years and her blogging expertise has been used by multi-million dollar businesses to help them improve their online presence. One such business paid her a consulting fee of over $50,000 to help develop their site, improve their blogging platforms, and train their 100,000 members.
She has been featured on $1,000+ online training courses and has spoken to multi-million dollar teams on their exclusive trainings.