No Means No! Learning When To Let A Prospect Go

sleazy guy No Means No! Learning When To Let A Prospect Go

I’m feeling like the girl that got stuck on a bad blind date and is alone with

a weirdo in some sleazy hole-in-the-wall bar.

And since this dude won’t leave my side,,,

and there’s no window in the ladies’ room for me to jump out of,,,

and this guy keeps asking “hey baby wanna go back to my place?” ,,,

and I’ve already told him “NO!” over 6 times,,,

I finally FREAK OUT and tell the jerk “Listen dude, I don’t wanna join your MLM alright????”

Seriously, I just had someone try and convince me how awesome their company is for at least the 6th time.

stupid bunny No Means No! Learning When To Let A Prospect Go

                  Each time I’ve told him no. And also told him how much I dislike 123 Company                   because of their “get in the welfare waiting list line” approach to MLM. (But then                    again, this company that places reps above and below you also claims that they                  are not an MLM,,, but I’m pretty sure MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing,,,                    and last I checked that means there’s reps above and below you,,, hmmm,,,, but                      anyway, back to the story…)

                  Tonight he messaged me again,,, same old crap about how his company pays                                                          people even if all they do is sit on the couch naked, eating Cheetos, and watching                                                           televangelists,,, but he also added in that I only have to recruit 12 people and I can                                                            be making 100,000 a year.

stupid demons No Means No! Learning When To Let A Prospect Go

But then he took it way out of bounds by trash talking Numis Network (the company I am in)… not only that but also the person who is my sponsor.

WTF?!?! (and this time I don’t mean Wow That’s Fantastic!,,, I mean the other wtf)

I titled this post with “Learning When To Let A Prospect Go”, but in reality I was never a prospect for this guy. He used to be in Numis and so when he first asked me what I thought of 123 Company I didn’t know he had jumped companies (turns out this guy has been in about 24 of them in the past 2 years).

So I gave him my honest opinion of 123 Company and told him about my dislike for the company, in fact,,, it is 1 of 2 MLM’s that I have written a negative review about.

redundancy No Means No! Learning When To Let A Prospect Go

                    Even after that, he STILL tried to recruit me.
                   If you’re familiar with the term “Go For No”,,, this is NOT what it teaches to do,,,,                  you’re supposed to get a lot of “no’s” but they’re supposed to come from many                     different people,,,, not just from one.

                    If someone tells you no, and they attach a valid reason with it,,, then that “no” does                     not equal to “not yet” like most recruiting methods teach.

                                                      Don’t confuse an excuse with a reason. An excuse is “uhh,,, I dunno man,, uhh,,                                                       lemme go ask my dog”…. A reason is “I’ve looked at your company before and I                                                           didn’t like (insert what you don’t like here),,, I like the company I am with, so yours                                                           is not for me and I’m not interested in looking at it again.”

Learn when to just DROP IT, say thanks for their time, and move on to inviting someone else to look at your company.

There’s so many people out there that are in desperate need of hearing what you have to offer. Don’t ever get caught up on talking to the same person. Because you don’t want to be “that guy” that is not only looking like an idiot, but is also giving a poor representation of your company and making the entire MLM industry look bad. (Even if your company is pretending to not be an MLM)

PS. After writing this post I went in to my blog to edit and publish it and saw that because I had blocked this guy on Facebook he had made it a point to find my blog and comment on it (and to call me a b***h for blocking him on Facebook). If there were ever a classic case of when to quit sending messages to someone this guy is definitely it now!

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